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A smattering of imagery, text, and ideas that I find inspiring.

Casey is brilliant. The man uses simple, everyday objects to tell an incredibly engaging story. 

Brilliant commencement address by writer Neil Gaiman - “Make Good Art”

brilliant ad for google fiber…starts with dial up and ends with the blazing speed of fiber optics

Mind blowing series of animations. 

The frightening possibilites of the future

fascinating idea. will it work? 

hour long documentary on Steve Job by the BBC. awesome. 

brilliantly shot salt boarding video

Beautiful 4 minute montage encapsulating the first season of CONAN

a ridiculously beautiful time lapse of dubai’s skyline

where technology meets art…in real time

mind blowing time lapse video shot using a 5D. I’d recommend watching it in HD, full screen, with the music pumping.

If you fancy yourself a creative in any form or fashion, watch this video.


“Intel Visual Life” - Michael Wolff  via @loswhit

You need to watch this…a new way to look at things

(Source: create-livelove)

brilliant video for a brilliant cause.

brooklyn in slow motion